Strange Stage ’24 Ep1

Friday, January 19, 2024
7:00 pm


Donations Kindly Accepted / BYOB
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Get set for a mind-bending night at Strange Stage, where the music’s as elusive as the venue itself! Hidden away in a mystery location that’ll have you feeling like you’re playing musical hide-and-seek, this event is all about pushing sonic boundaries. Picture Mozart and beatboxing merging in a psychedelic fueled jam session!

Whether you’re a dissonance devotee or just think the kazoo deserves more love, this shindig’s your playground. If finding the place feels like cracking a musical code, you’re probably in the right spot. It’s a soirée for the open minded, the curious, and anyone who loves a musical guessing game. Plus, it’s BYOB and free to attend, but hey, donations to keep this thing alive are always welcome. See you at the undisclosed sound labyrinth!